Osmosis Pump Kit for Reverse Osmosis Purifying Equipment. Bbagua.

  • Pressure pump kit for coupling to reverse osmosis equipment.
  • Includes 40 cm of 1/4 pipe, pressure switch and transformer
  • It does not include pressure regulator, but if any equipment needs it can be purchased separately
  • It increases the pressure and therefore the amount of water generated by the osmosis equipment. Ideal for homes that have low water pressure.
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When we install a reverse osmosis equipment, the first thing we must take into account is the water pressure we have in our tap. According to the recommendations of membrane manufacturers for osmosis equipment, the minimum pressure required for proper operation of the equipment is 3 kg/cm2 or 45 psi. If in your home you have a lower pressure your osmosis equipment will not work properly, so we recommend installing an additional pressure equipment that will adapt the water pressure to the needs of the reverse osmosis equipment significantly improving its operation.

Reverse Osmosis is a filtration process that, through several stages, removes the different impurities and mineral salts present in the water up to 95%. (TDS: Total Dissolved Salts, measured in ppm [1 ppm = 10 mg/l]).

With your Reverse Osmosis team you will enjoy water that you can drink directly from the tap and use to cook, improving the taste of food. You will enjoy a coffee and tea with all its flavor, creaminess and aroma. You will get a healthy water of low mineralization ideal for low sodium diets that keep your body, skin and hair hydrated.


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Juan Ricardo J


Perfecto si no tienes suficiente presión de agua en casa.

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EUR 35. Reverse Osmsosis water treatment equipment. Bbagua.

  • EUR35 is a domestic 5-stage reverse osmosis equipment with which you can get the best drinking water.
  • Bbagua has the most advanced water technology that also has a low water rejection.
  • All equipment includes the osmotic water faucet and all components for installation.
  • It incorporates pressure gauge for pressure control and pressurized anti-corrosion plastic tank of 10 useful liters of Water.
  • Includes Faucet and Complete Installation Kit. We have Installation and Commissioning Service, throughout the national territory.

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