Join our network of Official Technical Service Bbagua (SAT)

Excellence in our service:

  1. Our home water treatment equipment and systems improve the water quality in our customers' homes.
  1. An effective solution at an affordable price for sales in different channels such as DIY department stores or e-commerce pages.
  1. Bbagua has one of the largest national technical service networks dedicated to attending to all the requests for installation, product commissioning and after-sales assistance required by our customers.
  1. Our team of the national technical department coordinates and attends to all the requests / demands of customers who in turn refer to our local SATs in order to solve, solve and meet the expectations of the client.
  1. Our purpose is to provide a high degree of satisfaction in the shopping experience and in the after-sales service to our customers, which, together with the quality of the product, creates a positive and lasting bond with the brand.
  1. For us, offering a technical service is not only customer service, but also becomes one of the main pillars that differentiate us from other companies in the sector, providing continuous solutions.
  1. We continue to grow and increase our network day by day at the pace of our customers' demand, maintaining the level of quality as before.

We continue to expand our network:

We continuously incorporate professionals like you, freelancers and/or companies in the plumbing sector and installers of DHW, renewable energies, or air conditioning, or other water-related sectors.

We are looking for companies that want to start in water treatment as a new activity, in addition to those who are already specialists in the sector, with the possibility of joining at the beginning as official technical services of the brand.

What do we offer you?

New ways and tools to continue developing your company, not only to be part of our network of official SAT's Bbagua, but also to become a Dealer. By joining as SAT Bbagua will generate a continuous frequency of work, and it will also allow you to access our entire range of products and home solutions exclusive to the professional channel, being able to generate an important and new source of business.

All this is always provided by GRUPAGUA with support, accompaniment and continuous advice. As an added value, we offer specific training days for official SATs Bbagua in which all the necessary knowledge is imparted at the beginning and development of the activity.

The content of these specific trainings is always adapted and adapted to our SATs according to the particular needs of each one of them, facilitating and strengthening the distribution and sale of domestic products in professional range as well as guaranteeing the performance of the activity as SAT Bbagua.

If you want to know more about our company and group, as well as learn more about our projects, leave us your details and we will contact you shortly.

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