Bbagua provides you with a nationwide technical service. Our SAT has 25 years of experience and the Title of Food-Water Handler.


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INSTALLATION (includes Commissioning, travel*, labor and materials)

Reverse osmosis:

Standard installation under your kitchen sink as long as this unit does not have drawers or as long as you have enough free space for installation.€95.00 *


To carry out the standard installation of a water softener, it is necessary to have exposed water intakes, a 220V electrical outlet and a drain. This price includes labor and materials for installations at a maximum distance of 2 meters between the equipment and the water intake. It does not include pre-installation of plumbing or masonry work.

€275.00 *

Reverse Osmosis + Water Softener Pack:

€350.00 *
Installation of both devices is done on the same day.

Optional: BY-PASS (water softener only)

Creation of a set of faucets after the installation of the water softener which, in the event of a breakdown related to the equipment or pre-filtration, avoids cutting off the water in the house. Include materials.

+60,50 € *


Installation verification service and adaptation of the equipment programming according to your needs. You must apply within the first 3 months of purchasing the equipment. Travel* and labor included. It does not include rectification of the installation.

Reverse Osmosis or Water Softener€60.50 *
Reverse Osmosis + Water Softener Pack
- The commissioning of both equipment takes place on the same day.€95.00 *

Ask your dealer about Maintenance and After-Sales Service Programs

If you do not contract our Maintenance Program, you can call us for any breakdown of the equipment and our Technical Service will assist you according to the prices specified below:

- More than 30 km from the place of purchase*€39.00 + €0.45/km
- Labor€45.00/hour
- Materials and/or spare partsP.V.P. in force


- Study of the feasibility of the installation of the Reverse Osmosis equipment or the Water Softener (if the installation is contracted, the price of the pre-visit is deducted from that amount).

€39.00 *


- Home delivery of the equipment.€25.00 *

Performance times:

In 24 - 48 hours the client will be contacted to arrange the day and time of the contracted service.

In 7 - 10 working days, the contracted service will be carried out (except in exceptional situations).

* For services more than 30 km away from the place of purchase, a travel bonus of €0.45/km (round trip) will be charged.

The company reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

All prices include VAT (21%).

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