Domestic water filtration

Active filters

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    Fresh filter for drinking water. Double filter under sink. " Filter Fresh" Bbagua.

    Price €75.95
    • Double filter under sink
    • Chlorine removal for drinking and cooking water by 99%
    • Removal of organic pollutants
    • Removal of sediments, soil, mud and oxides
    • Prevents bacterial growth
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    Shower filter chrome finish. Free Shower model. Bbagua.

    Price €85.00
    • Removal of chlorine in hot water
    • Softer water for the shower
    • Universal connection for bathroom faucet in 1/2" thread.
    • Skin and hair protection
    • Prevents irritations and itching caused by chlorine in the water
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    Drinking water filter "Natural Light" Bbagua

    Price €63.95
    • Water filter for countertop
    • Removes chlorine from water
    • No installation, on countertop
    • Change of cartridge once a year.
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    Sediment Filter 1" 50 Microns. Removes sediment from the water. Bbagua.

    Price €24.50
    • Removal of soil, mud and particles in water.
    • For all types of homes.
    • Prevents clogging of faucet diffusers.
    • Reduces breakdowns in appliances and boilers due to the continuous effect of these particles in suspension.
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    Anti-scale polyphosphate filter 1". Bbagua.

    Price €45.50
    • Avoids lime scale in pipes and appliances throughout the home
    • Filter for all types of homes.
    • Insert in water inlet pipe of the house
    • Connection to 1" metal female thread
    • Maximum water inlet pressure 8 kg
    • Easy installation.
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    GAC chlorinator filter. Bbagua.

    Price €29.95
    • Removes chlorine, odors and flavors from the water of the entire house
    • Entrance filter to the house
    • Includes filter housing, bracket and gac carbon chlorinator cartridge
    • Insert in entrance pipe to the house
    • Connection to 1" metal female thread
    • INCLUDES: 1 transparent filter housing with 1" metal threaded az head. 1 filter housing holder.1 standard type gac carbon cartridge.
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    Filter 10". 1" meta thread with bracket and key. Filter holder. Bbagua.

    Price €29.95

    • Filter housing, bracket, key. Connection to 1" metal female thread
    • Insert in entrance pipe to the house
    • Maximum flow rate 3. 500 l/h
    • Maximum water inlet pressure 8 kg.
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    Double filter 10" Metal thread. Filter holder. Bbagua.

    Price €42.00

    • Does not include interior cartridges or key to tighten/loosen container cups.
    • Maximum inlet pressure 8 bar
    • Place 10" 5 micron sediment cartridge and 10" granular activated carbon cartridge
    • Easy installation.
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    Anti-scale Filter Heaters and Boilers. Bbagua.

    Price €25.95
    • Includes: Filter housing, and load polyphosphate stones.
    • Avoid a high percentage of limescale in boilers and heaters.
    • Benefits: Avoids lime scale in the resistance of the heater.
    • Duration of the stones: Change them when they have been exhausted. It depends on the amount of water consumed.
    • Replacement cartridge: Polyphosphate bottle stones 500gr.
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    Anti-scale filter washing machine and / or dishwasher. Bbagua.

    Price €17.00
    • Protection against limescale in the washing machine
    • Saves energy and extends the life of the washing machine
    • No installation.
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    Antical system for washing machines and dishwashers. Bbagua.

    Price €24.95
    • Protection against limescale.
    • It saves energy and extends the life of household appliances.
    • Easy connection, without installation, in the water inlet of the appliances.
    • Max. pressure 10 bar.
    • Max. temperature 90ºC.
    • Max. hardness 35º hf.
    • No replacement required.
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    Shower filter Chrome ECO. Bbagua

    Price €24.95
    • Purifies Water - Improved filtration system, removes chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals (lead, mercury, nickel, chromium), bacteria, pesticides and inhibits the growth of algae, fungi and mold
    • Revitalizes Your Body - Reduces dry skin, itching, dandruff, eczema, and dramatically improves skin, hair, and nails
    • Protect Hair and Skin - Prevent dandruff, dry scalp, reduce hair loss, make your hair soft and shiny, protect your skin
    • Multiple Advantages - No Electricity, No Waste Water, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, No Oxidizing
    • EASY to Install and Replace Filters - 1/2'' Universal Connection works with all types of universalshower, No tools required, Easy to assemble