Anti-scale Filter Heaters and Boilers. Bbagua.

  • Includes: Filter housing, and load polyphosphate stones.
  • Avoid a high percentage of limescale in boilers and heaters.
  • Benefits: Avoids lime scale in the resistance of the heater.
  • Duration of the stones: Change them when they have been exhausted. It depends on the amount of water consumed.
  • Replacement cartridge: Polyphosphate bottle stones 500gr.
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Container vessel with polyphosphate stone filter ideal to avoid lime scale in the resistance of heaters, boilers, washing machine and dishwasher.eliminates the fouling capacity of lime. Recommended for boilers or heaters. Female thread 1/2". Replace the inner filter when the stones have run out.

How do polyphosphate stones work?

Polyphosphate compounds are used for waters of high hardness and positive ISL and mainly to prevent limescale fouling in water pipes.

Sodium polyphosphates have the main property of encompassing within the molecule other ions such as Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Cu etc. forming soluble complexes that mask them. In this way, the reaction processes that cause its precipitation are inhibited and consequently the formation of insoluble crusts formed by crystallization of calcium carbonates, magnesium hydroxides and iron oxides and hydroxides is avoided.

Its complex character can also be used to prevent the precipitation of iron and manganese brought by water or that produced by oxidation avoiding its precipitation.


Data sheet

Filter Type
Water Filter for Boilers.

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Polyphosphate Stones Pot 500 gr. Bbagua.

  • Prevents embedding of lime and other minerals
  • Protects installations, boilers, washing machines, thermoses, dishwashers.
  • Prevents premature clogging of osmosis equipment.
  • Replacement for Filter Washing Machine and Filter Heater.
  • Container with 500gr. of polyphosphate stones.

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