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  • Membrane 50 GPD + Pack of 4...
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    Membrane 50 GPD + Pack of 4...

    Price €43.95
    • Water and membrane filter replacements for any standard 5-stage reverse osmosis equipment of any brand.
    • It is advisable to change the filters every year and the membrane every 2 years.
    • 1 10" Sediment Cartridge 5 microns, for the removal of suspended solids, soil, mud and sand
    • 1 10" GAC Carbon Cartridge. Removes chlorine, heavy materials, dioxins, pesticides and odors by absorption.
    • 1 10" Cartridge of Carbon Bloc. It has just removed chlorine, heavy metals, dioxins and odors by adsorption, protecting the membrane from small particles.
    • 1 Carbon Coco In-line Postfilter with 1/4" input/output thread connection, to improve water taste.
    • Some computers may need connections, not included for adaptation.
    • 50 GPD membrane.
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    Membranes for Reverse...

    Price €24.95
    • High quality. The reverse osmosis membrane filter is made of ABS material, non-toxic and safe to use, which provides reliable performance and long service time.
    • Good sealing with type O sealing ring, the filter has a sealed preservation, which is leak-proof with high efficiency.
    • Precise filtration with precise 0.1 nm filtration hole, effectively reduces bacteria, high-strength ion filters, scale and other harmful substances. Provides a healthy water life.
    • Easy to install. This is an easy-to-install 50 GPD reverse osmosis membrane replacement.
    • Widely used. The filter is applied to most water purification and water purifier machines.