Postfilter Coal Coconut for Reverse Osmosis purifying equipment. Bbagua.

  • Elimination of possible flavors and odors from the water.
  • Regulates the pH of osmotic water.
  • Duration: 2 years.
  • Duration always estimated for a water of medium quality.
  • Change filter earlier if you notice changes in the taste of the water.
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With this charcoal charcoal vegetable postfilter for reverse osmosis equipment you will eliminate the remains of earth, mud and particles in the water, in addition to regulating the PH, thus leaving it free of flavors and optimal for consumption. easy installation and a duration of 2 years.


10" in-line granular activated carbon filter, commonly used as an aftertreatment of a reverse osmosis equipment. Its function is to finish eliminating flavors and odors, although one of its most characteristic functions is to regulate the Ph.

Female thread connection 1/4.


Do not use in non-potable water or of unknown quality.


Data sheet

Type of Spare Part
Reverse Osmosis Filters

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Juan Ricardo Jiménez Rodríguez


Muy buen producto.

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Ro Top. Compact 5-stage reverse osmosis equipment. Bbagua

  • Compact 5-stage reverse osmosis equipment. Ideal for installation in small spaces.
  • Advanced technology to obtain water of weak mineralization and with an ultra low rejection. Efficiency 5*.
  • Spare parts with standard filters.
  • Easy connection under kitchen sink.
  • Double safety gasket filter to prevent water leaks.
  • This equipment does not require an electrical outlet.

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