EUR 50 BP. Reverse Osmsosis water treatment equipment. Bbagua.

  • EUR50 BP is a domestic 5-stage reverse osmosis equipment with which you can get the best drinking water that includes a pressure pump.
  • Bbagua has the most advanced water technology that also has a low water rejection.
  • The EUR50 BP has filter holder cups with double safety gasket to ensure the tightness of the equipment.
  • The EUR50 BP reverse osmosis equipment is manufactured in 1 single block to ensure greater safety and durability.
  • All equipment includes the osmotic water faucet and all components for installation.
  • Recommended for waters over 2000 ppm and/or for homes with a lack of pressure (>3 kg/bar).
  • Installation under the sink.
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The 5-stage reverse osmosis equipment EUR 50 BP of the Bbagua brand has the best water technology and is specially designed for domestic use. 5-stage reverse osmosis equipment for the treatment of drinking water, filtering sediments, flavors and odors. Ideal to improve the taste of water as well as eliminate salinity and impurities present up to 95%. It will allow you to have pure and fresh water for drinking and cooking. Includes faucet and complete installation kit. Bbagua has After-Sales Service for installation, commissioning and maintenance of Bbagua products. This equipment requires an electrical outlet for the operation of the pressure pump.


  • 1 pre-filter of sediments 5 microns. Removal of suspended solids up to 5 microns.
  • 1 prefilters of GAC granular activated carbon. Elimination of chlorine and organic pollutants.
  • 1 standard pre-filter 10" of Carbón Block. Fine removal of chlorine and organic contaminants, filtering any carbon particles
  • 1 osmosis membrane of 50 gpd. Elimination between 85% and 95% of the salts contained in the mains water.
  • 1 post-filter of coal. Elimination of possible odors and flavors of osmotic water.
  • 1 accumulator tank of 10 liters for accumulation of osmotic water.
  • 1 Pressure pump.
  • 1 complete installation kit (includes tap).

Min. 1 bar – Max. 3 bar.
Maintenance Change of cartridges once a year.
Height: 40 cm wide: 40 cm deep: 14.40 cm.
Guarantee 2 years in parts and components. Excludes cartridges and membrane.
Other services Installation and/or commissioning by the S.A.T. (national) of Bbagua.
Characteristics All components approved for drinking water, according to RD 140/2003 and UNE standard.

Video of Installation of the Reverse Osmosis equipment.


Specific References


EUR 35, 50 and 50 BP.

EUR 35 Instruction Manual, EUR 50 and EUR 50 BP

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Alejandro C

Muy bien

La verdad es que me lo recomendaron y estoy muy contento. Ningún problema.

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Juan Ricardo J

Maginifico rendimiento

Magnifico rendimiento si no tienes en casa suficinente presión de agua. Funciona de maravilla.

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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