Solutions for limescale problems in your home.

Remove limescale from THE WHOLE HOUSE with the Bbagua Salt Ion Exchange Water Softeners.

We offer a wide range for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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  • Ceramic Pilot 2.5. Water softener for domestic use for 1-8 people. Bbagua.

    Price €465.00
    • The Ceramic Pilot 2.5 provides full lime water for a home with up to 4 bathrooms and a maximum of 8 people and can generate approximately 2,500 liters of filtered soft water per hour. It is equipped with a time control unit to save and is perfect for you to enjoy soft water.
    • The size is 320 X 470 X 1055 mm and is suitable for installation in a garage, basement or kitchen cabinet. Connect it to the supply and it will decalcify the water throughout the house. Leave room for the hoses when planning the installation. Although it must be connected to the electricity grid, it hardly consumes a small amount of energy per year (approx. 20 euros).
    • Built to last: high corrosion resistance fiberglass, polyethylene tank, adjustable water hardness and high quality prefilled ionX resin. The pre-installed bypass valve will maintain optimal water pressure throughout your home. Use Easy Connect's free app, Water2Buy, for easy setup.
    • This water softener timer regenerates every few days, regardless of water use. That is, the timer always starts and uses salt, although the machine can still produce soft water. It regenerates at 3 in the morning, when the water supply is not in use, so there is no impact on normal use. Approximately 150 liters of water are used during a regeneration.
    • Box Contents: Water Softener, Manual, UK Power Supply, EU Power Supply, 22mm HIGH FLOW Connection Accessories, Installation Guide.
  • Ceramic Pilot 2.0.  Descalcificador de Agua para uso doméstico para 1-5 personas.  B
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    Ceramic Pilot 2.0. Water softener for domestic use for 1-5 people. Bbagua.

    Price €419.00
    • Volumetric electronic water softener
    • For all types of homes
    • Electronic Volumetric Programming Valve
    • It is advisable to install a sediment filter 50 microns before the water softener
    • 2-year warranty against component manufacturing defects.
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