Cartridge Natural Light. Removes odors and tastes from water. Bbagua.

  • Removal of chlorine, organic pollutants and sediments.
  • Improves the taste, smell and color of the water.
  • Adaptable to all types of 10' filters.
  • Granular activated charcoal.
  • Duration: 1 year. (9,000 liters approx.)
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What is Activated Carbon?

Granular activated carbon, eminently microporous and, therefore, indicated for water purification.

Adsorption is a process where a solid is used to remove a soluble substance from water. In this process the activated carbon is the solid. Activated carbon is produced specifically to reach a very large internal surface area (between 500 – 1500 m 2 /g). This large internal surface makes the carbon have an ideal adsorption. Activated carbon comes in two variations: Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC). The GAC version is mostly used in water treatment.


  • The raw material is of plant origin, and therefore does not contain the heavy metals and other contaminants typically present in mineral coals.
  • When thermally activated, no chemical compounds are used that can leave residues in the coal.
  • Coal has the pore diameter that most efficiently absorbs low molecular weight organic pollutants, which are usually the most harmful to humans.
  • Elimination of odors and flavors in water.

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Antonio Fernandez


Muy buen producto.

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Sanitizer for Reverse Osmosis purifying equipment. 500ml. Bbagua.

  • Sanitizer for your Single-use Reverse Osmosis (500ml) equipment
  • Recommended product for Reverse Osmosis equipment
  • Apply to each filter change, before placing the new filters. Guarantees the hygiene and good water quality of Reverse Osmosis systems, ensuring the supply of pure, safe and healthy water
  • Apply the product in each maintenance.

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