Bbagua guarantees the equipment for a period of 3 years in the event of any lack of conformity detected in the equipment.

The warranty includes the repair and replacement of defective parts by personnel authorized by the Distributor or the Official Technical Assistance Service (SAT) in their workshops. Included in the warranty is any labor and shipping costs that may be incurred.

Bbagua is exempt from providing warranty in the cases of parts subject to natural wear, lack of maintenance, shocks and other non-conformities that are the result of improper use of the equipment or improper according to the conditions and operating limits indicated by the manufacturer of the same. Likewise, the warranty loses validity in cases of mishandling and use of the equipment, or in those cases in which they have been modified or repaired by personnel outside Bbagua or official SAT.

Parts replaced under warranty will remain the property of Bbagua.

Bbagua is responsible for the lack of conformity of the equipment when it refers to the origin, identity or suitability of the products, in accordance with their nature and purpose. Taking into account the characteristics of the equipment, it is essential for the warranty to cover the lack of conformity, compliance with the technical conditions of installation and operation. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the absence of a warranty, taking into account the relevance of the purpose of the equipment and the operating conditions and limits in which it must operate.

The user must ensure that the installed equipment is suitable for the improvement of the quality of the water to be treated in particular, according to the characteristics and specifications of the equipment.

The user must ensure the correct installation, commissioning and periodic maintenance of the equipment. The user will be responsible for the lack of conformity derived from an incorrect application, installation, commissioning or maintenance of the equipment.

For any warranty claim, the purchase invoice must be presented. The 3-year term is computed from the purchase of the equipment. Remember to register your device's warranty at:

Warranty Clarifications

The Warranty does not include the wear and replacement of the filter cartridges. The Warranty will be automatically invalidated in the event of not using spare parts of the Bbagua brand or of the company "Grupagua - Pollet Water Group".

Any tampering with the equipment(s) by personnel not authorized by Bbagua will automatically void the warranty.

The warranty is conditional on the equipment being checked and the filter cartridges being replaced, within 12 months from the date of installation. In the event that the customer carries out this revision, the warranty will be subject only to components that are not wearable by use.

The warranty is not covered for problems resulting from failure to follow instructions or illustrations for installation, commissioning or maintenance, or improper installation, commissioning or maintenance.

The 3-year warranty does not include the replacement of materials that suffer wear and tear, such as the filter cartridges and the membrane.

The customer can take out a maintenance contract if they wish (see terms and conditions on 937 83 33 92).

The Guarantee also does not cover compensation, repairs or other expenses caused by water losses due to ups and downs in network pressure (it is advisable to install a pressure reducer).

If your equipment has a problem during the warranty period, please contact us at

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