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  • GAC ECO 12-inch Activated...
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    GAC ECO 12-inch Activated Carbon Filter with Quick Connect

    Price €9.95
    • Ecological Filtration: The GAC ECO 12-inch Bbagua Activated Carbon Filter uses environmentally friendly technology to absorb organic compounds from water, improving water quality without compromising sustainability.
    • Quick Connection: Designed for quick and easy installation, this filter features a quick connect that simplifies the replacement process, ensuring efficient maintenance of the water purification system.
    • Elimination of Unwanted Odors and Tastes: GAC activated charcoal effectively removes unwanted odors and tastes from water, providing a fresher, more pleasant supply for daily consumption.
    • Comprehensive Water Quality Improvement: By absorbing organic compounds, this filter contributes to a significant improvement in water quality, offering purer and safer water for consumption.
    • Certification Bbagua: Backed by the Bbagua brand, this filter ensures not only optimal performance but also confidence in water quality and safety. The Bbagua certification represents high standards in water purification and advanced technology.

  • 12-inch Inline Sediment...
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    12-inch Inline Sediment Filter with Quick Connect

    Price €9.95
    • Filtration Efficiency: Designed for water purification systems, the 12-inch Inline Sediment Filter offers highly efficient filtration, removing solid particles and sediment that can affect water quality.
    • Quick Connection: Its Quick Connect design makes it easy to install and replace the filter, providing convenience and simplicity in water purification system maintenance.
    • Improved Water Quality: Contributes significantly to improving water quality by removing visible impurities, ensuring clearer water free of unwanted particles that could affect its taste and safety.
    • Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit a variety of water purification systems, the 12-inch Sediment Filter is compatible with a wide range of applications, providing versatility in use.
    • Backed by Bbagua: With the quality assurance of Bbagua, this filter not only offers exceptional performance but also confidence in the purity of the water consumed, meeting high standards of efficiency and safety.

  • Condensate Acid...
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    Condensate Acid Neutralizing Material for Condensing Boiler.

    Price €32.95

    Ensure reliable performance of your boiler with the Bbagua Neutral Acid Filter Refill. Its unique formula effectively neutralizes condensed acids, preventing corrosion and prolonging the life of your system. With a convenient 500-gram container, this product not only protects your investment, but also optimizes energy efficiency, ensuring continuous and trouble-free operation. Bbagua introduces a filter replacement that not only simplifies the maintenance of your boiler, but also embraces sustainability. With an easy-to-use 500-gram container, the refill integrates seamlessly into your system. In addition, the bag, designed to be recyclable, reflects our commitment to the environment, offering you an effective and nature-friendly solution for the care of your condensing boiler.


    1. Turn off the boiler and wait for the filter to cool before handling it.
    2. Fill the filter with the new neutralizing material.
    3. Turn on the boiler and check for water leaks.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water...
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    Reverse Osmosis Water Source ECO-Standard

    Price €904.03
    • Cold generator and water dispenser in a single chassis.
    • Dry cooling system.
    • Dispensing of cold and natural water or hot and cold water, to choose.
    • Hot water security system.
    • Dropper with indicator.
    • Backlit display.
    • Includes Reverse Osmosis water treatment.
    • Booster pump.
  • Pack of three double-walled...
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    Pack of three double-walled stainless steel bottles 500ml. HappyAgua. Green - Black - Blue.

    Price €47.86
    • The double-walled water bottle keeps drinks hot for 8 hours, cold for 12 hours, and maintains a touch-stable outside temperature.
    • Vacuum Insulated & Leak-Proof Double-Wall: Our double-wall construction is specially designed to prevent condensation from forming on the outer surface of the bottle.
    • Easy to carry: The design of our thermos bottle makes it perfect to take anywhere, whether it's to the office or home. Capacity: 500ml.
    • Leak-proof lid (when closed) for convenience.
    • With silicone tape HappyAgua.
    • Delivered in a 25x7cm kraft cardboard box .
  • 75 GPD Quick Connect...
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    75 GPD Quick Connect Encapsulated Membrane for Reverse Osmosis Equipment

    Price €39.95
    • The 75 GPD Quick Connect Encapsulated Membrane for Reverse Osmosis Equipment is an effective, high-quality solution to improve water quality in your home.

    • With a filtration capacity of 75 gallons per day (GPD), this membrane can help you enjoy clean, healthy water for a long time, saving replacement costs.

    • The quick and easy connection of this encapsulated membrane makes it easy to install and replace, without the need for special tools or plumbing experience.

    • The 75 GPD encapsulated membrane for Reverse Osmosis equipment can filter a wide variety of impurities from the water, such as chlorine, chemical contaminants, and solid particles, ensuring clean and healthy water.

    • This membrane is compatible with a wide variety of standard Reverse Osmosis equipment, so you can be sure that you can enjoy clean, healthy water without having to change the entire filtration system.

  • Pack of 3 inline filters...
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    Pack of 3 inline filters for Reverse Osmosis equipment. Quick connection.

    Price €29.95
    • Do you want a clean and healthy water supply at home? With Bbagua's 3-pack of inline filters, you can enjoy high-quality filtered water for months without having to worry about replacement.
    • With the quick and easy connection of the filters, you won't need to hire a professional for installation. You can do it yourself in no time and enjoy cleaner, fresher water at home.
    • The first 5 Micron sediment cartridge helps remove large particles from water, such as sand or rust, so you can enjoy clearer, clearer water.

    • The second GAC phosphate cartridge helps remove chemical contaminants, such as chlorine and organic compounds, so you can enjoy healthier, better-tasting water.

    • The third post-filter helps to reduce bad smells and tastes in the water, which means you can enjoy cleaner, fresher water, perfect for drinking or using in the kitchen.

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