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  • Replacement cartridge water filter Osiris-1. Bbagua.

    Price €40.95
    • Replacement cartridge for filter under countertop Osiris 1.
    • It is advisable to replace the cartridge after 1 year.
    • Easy replacement. Easy maintenance.
    • Eliminates sedimentation, reduces chlorine, flavors and odors.
    • 5 micron filtration
  • Replacement cartridge water filter Osiris-2. Bbagua.

    Price €79.95
    • Replacement cartridge for filter under countertop Osiris 2.
    • It is advisable to replace the cartridge after 1 year.
    • Easy replacement. Easy maintenance.
    • Eliminates sedimentation, reduces chlorine, flavors and odors. Eliminates bacteria.
    • Filtration of 0.1 microns. Ultrafiltration.
  • Replacement shower filter ECO.

    Price €7.95
    • Replacement cartridge for water filter for shower ECO.
  • Polyphosphate Stones Pot 500 gr. Bbagua.

    Price €16.50
    • Prevents embedding of lime and other minerals
    • Protects installations, boilers, washing machines, thermoses, dishwashers.
    • Prevents premature clogging of osmosis equipment.
    • Replacement for Filter Washing Machine and Filter Heater.
    • Container with 500gr. of polyphosphate stones.
  • Replacement leak sensor (10 Und). Bbagua.

    Price €12.95
    • Replacement pad for hydraulic leak sensors for reverse osmosis equipment.
    • Duration: Single use
  • Polyphosphate Cartridge Bbagua Stones.

    Price €25.95
    • Neutralizes the fouling power of magnesium, lime and any dissolved minerals that water may carry, including iron
    • The scales produced by these minerals usually cause a multitude of breakdowns and jams in all types of devices
    • Dissolves inlays already present
    • It is a good system to slowly clean the scales in pipes, faucets and appliances
    • This cartridge contains approximately 750 grams of polyphosphates, being one of the largest capacity and duration of those offered by the market.
  • Dechlorinator cartridge. Bbagua.

    Price €11.95
    • Chlorine removal
    • Adaptable to all types of 10'' filters
    • Granular activated charcoal
    • Duration: 1 year (8,000 liters approx.)
    • Easy installation.
  • Sanitizer for Reverse Osmosis equipment. 500ml. Bbagua.

    Price €10.99
    • Sanitizer for your Single-use Reverse Osmosis (500ml) equipment
    • Recommended product for Reverse Osmosis equipment
    • Apply to each filter change, before placing the new filters. Guarantees the hygiene and good water quality of Reverse Osmosis systems, ensuring the supply of pure, safe and healthy water
    • Apply the product in each maintenance.
  • Cartridges Filter Fresh for drinking water. Bbagua.

    Price €21.95
    • Kit with two cartridges to replace the filter cartridges "filter fresh"
    • Contains 2 cartridges, one with sediments 5 microns and the other with a gac dechlorinator
    • The sediment cartridge removes solid debris from the mains water
    • The carbon dechlorinator cartridge is for 99% chlorine removal.
  • Vaso 10" Blanco Rosca 1/4 para equipos purificadores de Osmosis Inversa.  Bbagua.
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    Glass 10" White Thread 1/4 for Reverse Osmosis purifying equipment. Bbagua.

    Regular price €14.00 -10% Price €12.60
    • Reverse osmosis replacement filter holder vessel
    • Height 10". Connections 1/4
    • Made of reinforced polypropylene, studied to prevent water leaks.
    • Gaskets : A closing joint with inner rubber.
  • Osmosis Drain Collar for Reverse Osmosis equipment. Bbagua.

    Price €9.50
    • Connector to attach the 1/4 pipe of your reverse osmosis equipment to your drain
    • Adaptable to any standard reverse osmosis equipment
    • Easy installation
    • With the guarantee of Bbagua
  • Condensate Acid...
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    Condensate Acid Neutralizing Material for Condensing Boiler.

    Price €32.95

    Ensure reliable performance of your boiler with the Bbagua Neutral Acid Filter Refill. Its unique formula effectively neutralizes condensed acids, preventing corrosion and prolonging the life of your system. With a convenient 500-gram container, this product not only protects your investment, but also optimizes energy efficiency, ensuring continuous and trouble-free operation. Bbagua introduces a filter replacement that not only simplifies the maintenance of your boiler, but also embraces sustainability. With an easy-to-use 500-gram container, the refill integrates seamlessly into your system. In addition, the bag, designed to be recyclable, reflects our commitment to the environment, offering you an effective and nature-friendly solution for the care of your condensing boiler.


    1. Turn off the boiler and wait for the filter to cool before handling it.
    2. Fill the filter with the new neutralizing material.
    3. Turn on the boiler and check for water leaks.
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